Dependable Fuel Delivery throughout Lancaster County

Whether you need a propane or heating oil delivery, our reliable delivery service can get it to you on time, every time. At B.G Mellinger & Son, we’re proud to be a leading fuel delivery provider in Lancaster County and beyond. Our valued customers are our friends and neighbors, so we do our best to ensure each customer is absolutely satisfied with our work before we leave the job.

Heating Oil Delivery

Our heating oil is a B2 Bioheat® blend. Not only is it compatible with existing oil heating equipment, but it also produces significantly fewer emissions. The new cleaner, greener Bioheat® fuel provides a more efficient burn for reduced consumption, saving you money.

Propane Delivery

We’re proud to deliver high-quality propane gas. Propane is one of the most versatile fuels used by customers for heating, cooking appliances, generators, outdoor recreation, and more. Propane is a clean-burning fuel as deemed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Convenient Automatic Delivery

We can take ordering and scheduling deliveries of propane or heating oil off your busy to-do list and handle them for you. When you enroll in automatic delivery, you sign up for total convenience! With a combination of your usage history and degree-day calculations, we make educated estimates on when to deliver your fuel, so you can worry less about when your next refill has to be. We’ve got it covered.

Affordable Pricing Plans

Making sure our valued customers can afford their fuel is a priority for us at B.G Mellinger & Son. That’s why we offer budget plans for our customers. Spreading their heating oil and propane bills out over 10 or 12 months helps our customers reduce high winter heating bills, providing them predictable monthly payments for easier budgeting. We also offer a cap pricing plan to lend the ultimate downside protection to our customers.