Professional Propane Tank Installations in Lancaster County

Have you decided to make the switch to propane for your home or business and need to install a propane tank? Propane is an efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly versatile gas that customers across Lancaster County love to use for their homes and businesses. When you decide to make the change to propane, you’ll need to work with a full-service company that can supply you with the fuel you need as well as a tank installation and tank services. At B.G Mellinger & Son, we’re proud to provide expert installations of aboveground and underground propane tanks. Contact us to receive a free quote on a new LPG tank installation today.


Propane Tanks from B.G Mellinger in Lancaster County, PA

Which Kind of Tank Is Right for Your Home or Business?

Aboveground Propane Tank Installations

If you’re a customer who prefers to have your tank in sight, then an aboveground tank would be a good match for your home or business. Aboveground tanks come with benefits like:

  • Simple tank maintenance
  • Visibility and easy access to propane supply
  • Extended regulator lifespan

Underground Propane Tank Installation

We also offer underground propane tank installations. Propane tanks belowground are out of sight, buried just a few feet beneath the earth. They offer these benefits:

  • Less maintenance
  • Out of sight on your property
  • Environmentally friendly

Trust the Tank Installation Experts at B.G Mellinger & Son

When you need a tank installed, look no further than the professionals at B.G Mellinger & Son. Not sure which tank is right for your home? Give us a call to speak with a certified expert. We would love to help you find the right fit for your home.