Automatic Fuel Delivery in Pennsylvania

Want to make fuel deliveries to your Lancaster County home simple and convenient? Then B.G Mellinger & Son has you covered! We can take the hassle out of monitoring your fuel usage, and scheduling and ordering fuel deliveries when you enroll in our automatic fuel delivery option.

How Does Automatic Fuel Delivery Work?

Signing up for automatic fuel delivery means you can sit back and relax! Using the latest technology, we consider the outdoor temperature and your previous fuel usage to accurately order and schedule how much fuel you need and when. It really is that simple!

The Benefits of Automatic Fuel Delivery

Aside from convenience, there are additional benefits to signing up for an automatic fuel delivery plan from B.G Mellinger like:

  • Improved home protection: experiencing fuel run-out decreases when you have automatic fuel delivery, which means your heating system is less likely to experience a malfunction.
  • Smarter spending: automatic fill-ups allow you to get a better understanding of how much fuel you use over a period. This can help you better conserve energy and budget your fuel expenses for more mindful money management.

Why Heat Your Lancaster County Home with Heating Oil?

Heating oil is a reliable and traditional fuel used by families for generations to heat their homes throughout the cold winter months. There are many benefits to this heating fuel.

  • Oil Heat Is Environmentally Friendly. Thanks to technological advancements, heating oil burns 95% cleaner today than in 1970. Plus, the addition of biodiesel makes heating oil a renewable energy source that’s low in emissions and great for the environment.
  • Oil Heat Is Safe. Oil heat is a nonexplosive fuel and is incredibly difficult to ignite, so you don’t need to worry about your home or family’s safety. It will also produce visible warning signs like smoke or soot should your heating system malfunction.
  • Oil Heat Is Dependable. Not only is oil heat the warmest fuel (with at least 40% more heat per unit than comparable fuels), but much of it is produced domestically, which means you can rely on its availability for years to come.