Affordable Heating System Repairs in PA

How did your heating system hold up this past winter? If you’re fearful that your heating system is running on its last leg, there’s no need to panic, the team here at B.G Mellinger & Son has your back! We’ve outlined some telltale signs that your heating system needs to be repaired or replaced. If you need your heating system repaired, or need a replacement, contact us to schedule a repair today.


Signs Your Heating System Needs Repairs

Sign #1: Noticeable increase in your fuel usage. An aging heating system’s efficiency will start to decline over time. If you notice consistently increasing fuel usage that doesn’t involve extreme weather events, or an increase in the size of your home, then your heating system may be in need of repair or replacement.

Sign #2: Strange sounds or odors coming from your heating system. If you start hearing strange banging sounds, humming, or clanking sounds from your heating system, or uncommon odors begin to present themselves, your heating equipment probably needs repair or replacement.

Sign #3: Uneven heat throughout your home. You may begin to find that the temperature room to room in your house varies noticeably. If your home is being unevenly heated, it may be time for your heating equipment to be repaired.


Heating Repairs

Need Your Heating System Repaired? Contact B.G Mellinger & Son Today!

If you went through the above checklist and you notice your heating system showing all or some of the signs that it needs repairs, don’t hesitate to contact B.G Mellinger & Son and schedule your heating system repair today!