High-Efficiency Oil and Propane Boiler Installations in Lancaster County

Heating oil and propane costs fluctuate regularly, so why not combat the rising cost of energy with a high-efficiency boiler installation or upgrade that helps you save while also adding value to your home?

Over time, the efficiency of oil and propane boilers declines, making them burn more fuel to produce the same amount of heat your home is accustomed to. Upgrading to a new system can help you save on fuel without sacrificing comfort.

Saving on heating fuel isn’t the only benefit, though. Along with saving money on your propane or oil deliveries, you’ll reduce the need for repairs and emergency service calls that come with running an older, less reliable boiler. Just remember, whether your boiler is one or ten years old, an annual tune-up is always necessary to keep your system running smoothly.


Signs You Need a High-Efficiency Boiler Installation or Upgrade

Don’t ignore the signs that you need a new boiler installation or upgrade. Check out the list below to learn how you can determine if your boiler needs replacing.

  • Some rooms in your home are much warmer or much colder than others
  • Your oil- or propane-fired boiler is more than 12 years old
  • You are paying more each year for heating oil or propane
  • You deal with recurring breakdowns and repairs throughout the winter
  • You notice clunking sounds or suspicious smells coming from your boiler

Does one or more of these signs sound familiar? It may be time for an upgrade! B.G Mellinger is here for all your heating system needs. Reach out to our friendly technicians who can answer questions and give you a quote today!